Snowbirds in the USA


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Retirees flock to warmer temperatures to escape the cold winter months in northern regions. These retirees are affectionately referred to as “Snowbirds”. After retiring, snowbirds look forward to escaping another winter of snow and ice.  The US has many locations for the northerners to choose for a winter home. Most retirees will travel to different locations the first few years after retirement to check out the possibilities available.  After experiencing different locations in the south, they often return to the same location year after year. Number one on the list of “must haves” for Snowbirds is weather.  Warm and sunny is a priority.  Other considerations are good shopping, excellent medical facilities and a wide variety of restaurants. Snowbirds, also, consider the people when choosing a retirement community.  They will return to that southern location where they feel most comfortable & welcome by friends and neighbors.

Not only are there decisions to be made as to where in the country, but retirees will have choices as to whether they want to live in a house, an RV, or a condo/townhouse.

Snowbirds in the USA will give you information about wintering in the southern states of the United States. Their winters are filled with bingo, dances, craft shows, open jam sessions, golf and many other activities held inside retirement communities. It is like summer camp for Seniors. Most of these activities are open to the public. This website will help you plan your weekly activities which are all located in one spot. Right here. SnowbirdsUSA keeps the schedules/activities updated, so you won’t miss a thing.


Snowbirds golfing in PhoenixSnowbirds In Phoenix

It is estimated that more than 300,000 retired winter visitors spend 3- 6 months in the Phoenix area. During their visit they participate in a wide variety of activities. Many of these activities are held at the retirement communities in the area. Find all the details about all the activities for 2014-15. Especially, check out the Shows and Concerts under Entertainment inside the RV Parks. You may want to buy your tickets early.

Snowbirds In TucsonSnowbirds relaxing in Tucson

The dry air and the winter sunshine make Tucson a very popular destination for Snowbirds. Casa Grande, AZ is only a short 70 miles north of Tucson with a large number of beautiful retirement communities. Since Casa Grande is such a close proximity to Tucson the snowbird information for Casa Grande is included at

Snowbirds explore YumaSnowbirds In Yuma

Just 15 minutes from a safe Mexican border town and the best climate in the country, makes Yuma a favorite spot for Snowbirds. With over 73 RV Parks, a variety of activities are available to the residents weekly. The off-season population of Yuma is at 95,000, giving Snowbirds that small town feeling with all the amenities of a big city.


Snowbirds in the Rio Grande ValleySnowbirds fishing in the RGV

The Rio Grande Valley has many claims to fame.  The Mission, Texas area is known as Home of the Ruby Red Grapefruit.  The valley is lends to some of the best birdwatching in the world.  Many worry about running into problems associated with being close to the border, but those problems do not involve the law abiding citizen with any more frequency then other parts of the U.S. The weather is ideal and the Gulf coast and South Padre Island areas are breathtaking.





Many retirees from upper states and Canada head to warmer climate locations from Nov. to April.  These folks often have second homes in the southern states, either RV’s, park models or single family dwellings.  These homes are usually located in a 55+ communities or neighborhoods which are often gated.  These communities are busy with activities, such as sports, crafts, card games, dancing, exercises, and lots more.  Staying active is an important component of staying healthy.  Each 55+ community has activities which are held for their residents only, but most have many events that are open to the public, too.  Thanks to Bowser and Blue for the video above.